Changes in Taxes & Levies – 27 November 2019.

Date :29 November, 2019


This update was prepared to present time-sensitive information affecting our clients. We will be publishing more detailed analysis of the implications of the proposals mentioned below upon the enactment of these proposals.

Government co-media spokesperson stated that certain changes have been made to taxes during the first Cabinet meeting. Changes as below,

• Reduce VAT from current 15% to 8% w.e.f 01 Dec 2019 – VAT on Financial services will remain at 15%

• 2% NBT removed w.e.f 01 Dec 2019– including for Financial Services businesses

• Telecommunications Levy reduced by 25% (current voice levy of 15% to likely to be reduced to 11.25%)

• Foreign Currency earnings exempted from income tax

• Construction Industry to be placed on 14% income tax instead of 28%

• IT & enabling services to be made tax free from all taxes

• Tax free threshold for turnover for Vat to be raised from Rs.1mn per month to Rs.25mn per month

• Farm income from agriculture, fishing & livestock to be made income tax free

• Capital gains tax on stocks, debit tax on financial institutions and debt service tax to be removed

• Tourism business will be treated as export for zero rate provided that 60% turnover is sourced from local supplies.

• Withholding Tax on interest income to be removed for those with monthly interest income less than Rs 250,000.

• PAYE tax free threshold to be increased to Rs.250,000 from current Rs.125,000 per month for all public & private sector employees w.e.f 1 Jan 2020

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