What Is a Financial Consultant?

Date :23 September, 2020

Financial consultants. You’ve heard of them—whether it’s from a Facebook ad, a TV commercial? But do you even know what a financial consultant is or what they

Simply put, financial consultants help people figure out the best strategy for their money situation. And that includes anything from helping a business with investment banking to showing someone how to get that retirement they daydream about.

But when it comes to crushing your money goals, how do you know if you need a financial consultant or someone else to help you do it? Let’s find out.

Who Is a Financial Consultant? Financial consultants are professionally trained to give you (or your business) advice about specific money or financial issues. They help with a wide range of topics, like showing someone how to invest in the right places or advising businesses on how to manage their Accounts, funds and bonds.

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And while most consultants studied business, finance or something like that in college, they usually have certifications too. It depends on what their employer requires or what they specialize in.

So, if you need help with managing bonds, finance or for guidance on estate planning, you’ll want a consultant who’s a CFC (Certified Financial Consultant) or CFP.

All-in-all, if you’ve got a specific money issue, there’s probably a financial consultant out there who’s got a certification for it.

What Does a Financial Consultant Do?
A consultant looks at all of your assets—bank accounts, investments, the whole nine yards—to get a full picture. Then, they sit down with you and propose a strategy for reaching your goal.

Let’s say you need some help on a profit and loss analysis for your business. A financial consultant would meet with you to understand your situation and then set up more meetings to come up with a game plan.

Or maybe you want to figure out the best strategy for buying a home. A financial consultant would draw up a plan and give advice on what money or assets you should use to buy your home. How many sessions you have depends on the consultant and your situation.

Financial Consultant Vs Financial Coach / Advisor

Financial Consultant
It’s safe to say that financial consultants are numbers people—and honestly, where would we be without our numbers people? They look at your entire situation, with your goal in mind, and then create a strategy to help you win.

Here’s the thing. A financial consultant can give you the plan to accomplish your goal, and they might even be available to answer questions or check in on you periodically. But their specialty isn't in helping you change attitudes or behaviours around the way you handle money. And that’s a big area to keep in check, considering personal finance is 80% behaviour and only 20% head knowledge. But more on that in a minute.

Financial Advisor or Coach
Both financial consultants and financial coaches help you crush your money goals—but in very different ways. Financial consultants focus on your money’s behaviour (that’s the 20% head knowledge we were talking about), whereas financial coaches focus on your behaviour with money (that’s the other 80%). While consultants are looking at the numbers and the plan, coaches are guiding you, cheering for you, and keeping you on the straight and narrow. Not only can a coach help you prioritize and tackle debts or get you and your spouse on the same page with money, they may end up on your Christmas card list because they're so relational.

Consultants will define your what—what you want. Coaches will define (and remind you of) your why—the reason you made your goal in the first place. And don’t underestimate the power of your why. It’s the fire in your bones that gets from where you are to where you want to be.

Think of a financial consultant who is capable of playing the role dual role as your personal trainer and a financial consultant as your workout routine. Lifting weights gets you results. But having a trainer beside you who is an expert in number too, showing you the right techniques and helping you keep your head in the game when you feel like quitting can get you to your goal.

Who to Choose for Your Team?
At the end of the day, everyone’s situation is different. Think about where you want and need to start. Do you need help with your motivation to get to your goal? A coach can help with that, and they can help change the root of your problem: your mind set. Do you want to know what the heck you need to do with your investments? A consultant or advisor would be a great resource for that. But a consultant who play both the role would be the right fit for you. You may reach out to IDEALCINCH CONSULTING to hire the perfect fit for your financial needs.