About Us

About Us

Complex Issues, Smart Solutions

Ideal Cinch Consulting (ICC), being one of the leading professional firms in the Consulting Industry of Srilanka, provides a broad array of services on Business advisory, Outsourcing, Accounting, Taxation and Assurance services. The services are utilized with international resources and mastery along with the optimum level of quality assurance. Sense of integrity and personalized service are among the features of our firm.

Our team, with the pool of highly- skilled, goal-oriented, trained professionals such as: Chartered Management Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Financial Consultants, Lawyers & Business professionals, is committed to offer all-inclusive services to meet the needs of our clients.

ICC possess an in-depth knowledge on the external factors that influence the business, which includes local practices, business policies, rules and regulations. Our firm is always updated with the contemporary business issues and competitions in the business market which heightens the corporative performance and facilitates our team of experts to provide smart, innovative solutions to our valued clients.


♦ To be the most trusted consultants, striving continuously to overwhelm the clients by its ethical values and Innovative business process.


♦ To be the most recognized consultancy firm ensuring quality and integrity to our clients through commitment and dedication to the highest standards.
♦ To provide smart, expertise, ground-breaking solutions to our valued clients by our team of experts.
♦ Continue to add value to our projects with the assistance of advanced technology and artificial intelligence.
♦ Forge a friendly work environment that fosters growth, and a goal-oriented pool of experts knitted firmly to accomplish the Vision, Mission and values.


ICC strongly believes in certain set of values which lead to long term sustainability of the firm.

Quality and Accuracy
Quality is all our service is about .We offer high level of excellence by ensuring that the standards of quality are being met. Accuracy is on the top priority of ICC. Raw data must be processed and presented in an appropriate way at the ground level which leads to output accurate and applicable solutions.

Honesty and Integrity
Honesty and integrity are crucial attributes of our firm. ICC adheres to moral values, providing highest integrity. Integrity is the essence of everything successful.

Being innovative and originative is what sustains our firm in the industry. We accomplish our clients' demands with appropriate and applicable insights, effective ideas, innovative strategies, to give our clients the utmost satisfaction.

ICC is known for abiding in all the legal laws and policies with regard to business management, including its staff to maintain an ethical culture.
We take the mission, culture, and way of doing business into account in order to ensure that solutions are effectively implemented and sustainable.

Our team of experts guarantee that it remains dedicated towards meeting the goals. We focus on congruence and commitment along with compliance and control. We are dedicated to cater your needs.

Information Security
A service is never accomplished unless the information of the clients are shielded from damage and destruction.
ICC assures confidentiality of the information of its members through practical, enforceable and updated policies. The security policy doesn't confine itself only with data and information preservation, instead it accommodates password management, access control, software and hardware security, resources security etc.


ICC Launches its 5E Strategic Business Model